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North Carolina

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  Eat & Explore Minnesota Cookbook and Travel Guide

  Eat & Explore Ohio Cookbook Eat and Explore Virginia Cookbook and Travel Guide


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About the Eat and Explore State Cookbook Series

You are invited to embark on a journey to discover and preserve America’s traditions, one state at a time as chronicled in the EAT & EXPLORE STATE COOKBOOK SERIES. 

Each book in the EAT & EXPLORE STATE COOKBOOK SERIES features traditional recipes straight from the kitchens of hometown cooks across the state.  Every recipe is a favorite.  They are presented in an easy-to-follow format and most call for ingredients that you already have in the pantry.  These are the recipes you will make over and over again because your family will love them. 

And, what should you do after enjoying a home cooked meal?  Well, get out there and explore, of course.  Highlighted throughout the Eat & Explore State Cookbooks are the festivals, events and local businesses that are the hallmarks of each state experience.  Friends, families and folks just passing through will discover what’s happening in any part of the state, at any time of the year in one fantastic book.

So, why a cookbook and travel guide in one?  Anita Musgrove, Project Coordinator for the EAT AND EXPLORE STATE COOKBOOK SERIES, says “Our company focuses on publishing regional cookbooks, and we know people love a cookbook from their state or a state they have visited.  With this cookbook series, we wanted to take that a bit further. In addition to preserving America’s food traditions, we are exploring the state to discover and share the things friends and family enjoy while making lifetime memories.  Whether it’s the Christmas festival you attend every year with your best friend, the car show where Dad shows off his classic car, or the fun tourist attraction you plan to visit next with your family.  These are some of the key ingredients of American traditions.  What better way to preserve them than in a treasured cookbook, something that is never thrown away, and is passed down through generations?  It’s a slice of American life that’s not always in the news.”

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