In 1999, Christy Campbell began her journey in the world of cookbooks when she took a position at a publishing company specializing in regional cookbooks.  At the time, it was an all-new experience, so she immersed herself in cookbooks, both at home and at the office.  With the help of the associate publisher and her personal mentor, Sheila Simmons (author, HOMETOWN COOKBOOK SERIES), Christy learned the in’s and out’s of the small press world, devoting herself to cookbooks for the next 6 years.  After the birth of her youngest son, Campbell took a sabbatical from the publishing world to focus on her young family.

In 2009, Campbell reconnected with Sheila Simmons and began work with Great American Publishers reenergizing a 10 year love of cookbooks.  She is now an integral part of Great American Publishers and has begun a new cookbook series of her own.  The EAT & EXPLORE STATE COOKBOOK SERIES chronicles the favorite recipes of local cooks across the United States while highlighting the most popular events and destinations in each state. The Eat & Explore State Cookbook Series includes Eat & Explore Arkansas, Eat & Explore MinnesotaEat & Explore North CarolinaEat & Explore Oklahoma, Eat & Explore Virginia, and Eat & Explore WashingtonEat & Explore Ohio is the latest book in the series.

When she is not writing cookbooks, selling cookbooks or cooking recipes for cookbooks, Christy Campbell enjoys volunteering at her children’s school, running and reading.  She lives in Brandon, MS, with her husband Michael and their two sons.


Eat & Explore Arkansas
Eat & Explore Ohio
Eat & Explore Oklahoma
Eat & Explore Minnesota
Eat & Explore North Carolina
Eat & Explore Virginia 
Eat & Explore Washington